Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Naughty boys and Naughty girls

This is my very first blog.... So i'm going to say hello to any one that reads it... =]

So naughty boys and naughty girls, your probably wondering what i'm talking about.. well what as happened to me in the last few months and basically i've woken up.. saw the light what ever you would like to call it.. I've woken up to the corrupt government, and how the world is actually working and ran.. Ive been very interested in the last month or so little documentary series on you tube called everything is Ok, and last night I went to Parliament square and meet the one of the amazing guys behind it Charlie, and we joint together to have a fun non-compliance day and had our

Naughty Boy & Girls Institute for Civil Disobedience

.. He is a true inspiration. check his videos out.

All this world needs is a bit more love people... put down the weapons, exchange bullets for kisses.. come on i no you want to.. =]

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  1. What a beautiful first blog it is too :) It is beautiful that so many people are waking up to the lies and inhumanity that enslaves us all. It keeps us on our hamster wheels creating more and more for a tiny few that treat us as little more than cattle. We are encouraged to fear each other and to live in total separation, whilst the water supply is polluted with brain numbing fluoride. But not for much longer I know humanity is stronger than that and everyday I see it and feel it growing... the love revolution has started xx


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