Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sadness falls

I don't usually write cheesy stuff.. but I'm feeling a bit emotional today... =[
I've just broke up with my boyfriend, well I haven't seen him for 2 weeks and we hadn't spoke for a week. but its sort of hit me I think..... Every time I look at someone or someone talks to me i keep bursting in to tears... it is that time of the month and i don't think is helping to much.. Im trying to think positive but its still hard and horrible.....
If any one would like the job of cheering me up... You will be loved forever...

I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day for me...


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Our Spiritual Revolution

Its 3.30am on Tuesday 29th September. I really can't sleep. I have sooo much on my mind I thought I'd write to you alll.
Alot as happened over the last month. On the 28th August something very sad happened, my best friends dad died very suddenly of a heart attack. There was nothing wrong with him it just happened so quickly, he was a very lovely man, one who I had a lot of respect for, he had a very big heart, it was big enough for everyone to fit. He will be forever missed, I love him and his family especially my best friend Sam loads. I would like to be there alot more for them than I have done but I am having a life changing experience at the minute and I'm really finding out about my self and the world and whats really going on.
When i say spiritual revolution I'm sure some people may think I've turned in to a religious nut, but I can assure you I'm not religious in any which way. I really believe religion was made to control people, to tell they them how to feel, how to act, how to live basically. I'm more a believer in us individually, we are all amazing and we are all beautiful and we are all spiritual beings. I believe our body isn't truly us, were just using it for this experience on earth, and when we die were not truly dying were just moved from this body to the next form. We are all energy, thats it. Everything and one in this world is just energy. so when people are scared of doing whatever they want to.. I'm going to ask a question why are you scared because its just energy.. have a think about it !!
So over the last few months I've just woken up to alot thats happening in the world. Things I thought was real arn't and things you'd think would only happen in a movie is happening all around us and alot of people cant see this. A few months ago I started to watch 'Everything Is Ok' on youtube two amazing humans was going round London to spread this message,. I was addicted to watching them, for hours I'd sit and watch them all and I just thought these two guys are amazing in what their doing, they just had a mega phone a couple of signs and go and tell London what's happening in the world, they were doing it in such a funny, sarcastic way they could get a crowd listening to them. Just over a month ago I went to meet Charlie and joined him round London, even though we're there to spread the message to the people i've had such a good time and met some wonderful people along the way.
On Sunday there was  another meet up which I went along to, we all meet in Trafalgar Sq. I met some more lovely people again, we was there to tell everyone the truth about swine flu and the vaccination. If your reading this and you don't no the truth and you have only been going on what mainstream media had been telling you I urge you to look it up, and I guarantee you'll find out what you have been told is a pile of S%*T. So please look it up. =] We went from Trafalgar Sq to Piccadilly to Leicester Sq over a few hours and people was listening and taking notice and there was alot who new it, which is good. But there was also alot who thought we was all a bunch of crazy people. ha. But they will find out. When we got to Leicester Sq, Charlie had actually drawn a massive crowd and when he stopped talking it was dead quiet there, people are listening, wanting to no the truth, its amazing how many people are waking up to this everyday. And hopefully alot more will follow.

Over the last few months its been a interesting journey, I was once like everyone else, only interested in what i look like, what going on in hollyoaks, only wanting to go and get drunk every saturday night, I read all the magazines was interested in all the rubbish which is forced on us with out us realizing, I used to sit in front of the t.v for hours.... Now I don't care what people think about me, this is me and thats it, I havent watched the t.v for ages in fact I got rid of mine last week, ok i'm on the computer a little bit more but at least i get to choose what I want to watch and not have anything force on me. Yes I still get down and upset over things but this is something I' trying to work on.
Remember one thing its all an illusion and how can an illusion hurt you =]

One last thing, I really want to get that little bit more self confidence and beable to say abit on the mega phone, to tell people what I think and what I know is going on in the world but im sure I day =]

few things to google:-
Swine Flu Fraud
Fluoride In Your Water
Monosodium Glutamate 
Codex Alimentarius
New World Order
9/11 Truth

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